Tulsa Family DoctorThere are a number of medical specialties so deciding to choose Tulsa Family Medicine can be challenging for some. However, the choice doesn’t doesn’t have to be hard at all!

There are a couple of large Tulsa Family Medicine clinics which are affiliated with Tulsa hospitals such as St John’s, Hillcrest, and Saint Francis. In fact, our doctors have worked within some of those clinics. They do provide quality medical care and often with good customer service but the rigidity of the ‘system’ can be a major challenge.

“Transformation Health’s goal is to provide the absolute highest quality Family Medicine in Tulsa along with the best customer service you can find anywhere.”

So how do you know how to find the best Tulsa Family Medicine clinic? First, you want to make sure that you find some of the best doctors around. Is your doctor board certified in their field? Is this the field for which you are looking? For example, if need to have surgery to remove your appendix then you need a surgeon, not a Family Medicine doctor.

As primary care, family medicine physicians, we are capable of dealing with a wide variety of medical issues. In fact, there are a number of medical issues well within the scope of practice of Family Medicine physicians. We would argue that most Family Medicine doctors choose Family Medicine as a specialty due to the focus on taking care of the entire family as well as each patient through their entire lifespan.

Throughout our careers, we have seen far too many patients sent to specialists for conditions to be treated which are well within the ability of the Family Medicine Doctor. Why do other physicians do this? There are many possible reasons but certainly one of them is that these doctors work within systems which place high demands on their time and schedule. In other words, the doctor doesn’t have sufficient time with the patient. That can be a real problem as well. When the Family Medicine Doctor doesn’t have sufficient time with the patient they may simply throw their hands up in the air and send them to a specialist.

Referring to a specialist can definitely be an appropriate thing to do. However, we simply find that it is often done too soon and too frequent. We do the best we can to help all of our patients to the best of our ability. Then, when it exceeds our ability or experience we will refer the patient to a specialist. An additional priority is communication with the specialist.

Tulsa Family Medicine is the center of healthcare for the patient.

We believe that Tulsa Family Medicine physicians and clinics should serve as the “quarterback” for the medical care of our patients. That requires communication with specialists as well as with the patient. It takes time and effort but it is important.

Have you ever been frustrated that your doctor seems unreachable? Have you tried to contact the clinic multiple times and it took several days for you to even get a response? Yeah, we’ve been guilty of that a time or two ourselves. We have a lot of patients and occasionally we are overwhelmed. However, we exist for you, the patient. We are constantly re-evaluating our systems and trying to make them better so that we can provide better customer service.

We believe that the most cost effective way to take care of patients and reduce illness and disease is through the Tulsa Family Medicine doctors. When you have access to your family doctor you don’t have to go to the urgent care nor the emergency room. The goal is to treat patients in the most convenient and lowest cost manner. That is through your Family Medicine clinic. Your Family Doctor generally knows you much better than the ER and the urgent care. They have your records and know your history better than anyone else.

Your Family Medicine Doctor probably also sees your spouse and your children and maybe even your parents. This is the essence of Family Medicine. We take care of the whole family. There are few things more rewarding than taking care of the entire family.

As your Tulsa Family Medicine clinic, we can take care of illness and disease such as:

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergies
  3. Acute illness (colds, bronchitis, flu, urinary tract infections, etc)
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Diabetes, type 1 and 2
  6. Hypertension
  7. Cardiovascular Disease
  8. Obesity
  9. COPD
  10. Chest pain
  11. Headaches
  12. Musculoskeletal pain (back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder, etc)
  13. Sleep Apnea
  14. Unexplained fatigue
  15. Menopause

In addition to these conditions we can also take care of:

  1. Sports physicals
  2. Well-child exams
  3. Well-woman exams
  4. Allergy testing
  5. Lifestyle management
  6. Birth control and family planning
  7. Vasectomies
  8. Hormone replacement therapy

In short, we can generally help you with a vast majority of your potential issues. Transformation Health wants to be your Tulsa Family Medicine clinic taking care of your entire family and those medical conditions that may arise.

The first step is to make an appointment with one of our providers. Once you do that, you are set up in our system and clinic and we can take care of those issues as they arise. We think you’ll find our clinic very comforting and able to manage most of your medical concerns. If we can’t address it we probably know someone who can.

We book up quickly so be sure to make your appointment as soon as you can. We accept most insurances but if you’d rather pay cash we can assure you that you’ll save more in our clinic than just about anywhere else.